Tool shop

The creation of the tool unit was due to the need to manufacture tools and equipment for own needs, as well as to expand the range of mass-produced products.

The desire to be at the right level has forced us to purchase modern, high-precision imported equipment and improve the skills of our employees. Our specialists have been trained in Ukraine and abroad.

Timely solving the tasks of the enterprise, our division began to receive third-party orders. Thanks to a responsible approach, quality and price, customers began to turn to us.

Our division has a closed technological cycle, which includes: procurement, milling, coordinate boring, turning, grinding, EDM, metalwork and heat treatment.

You can order from us production of molding, cutting dies, dies for bending, molds for molding of plastic (cold and hot-rolled), shaped cutters, devices for milling, templates and more.

High-precision modern equipment and qualified specialists ensure the production of high quality equipment in the shortest possible time. Also ready to manufacture non-standard technological equipment, according to the technical task of the customer.