Pistol “Fort-19”


"Fort-19" is modification of the pistol "Fort-14PP" of 9 mm Luger caliber. In design of this model widely were used highly durable polymers. As a result the weight of the pistol was decreased significantly without damage to the combat characteristics.    

Technical characteristics «Fort-19»


9 mm Luger

Operation mode Short recoil system
Trigger mechanism Single and double action
Overall length, mm 208
Height, mm 139
Width, mm 35
Barrel length, not exceeding, mm 112
Weight with empty magazine, not exceeding, kg 0,77
Trigger pull force, kgf 1,5 - 2,5
Accuracy range, m  50
Magazine capacity, rds 16
Rate of shooting, rounds per minute  50
Rifling 6 grooves
+38 (0432) 466-446
+38 (0432) 467-326
State-Owned Science-Industrial Association "Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine