Pistol “Fort-12”


Pistols «Fort-12» of 9 mm Makarov caliber became classic in its category. The pistol has fully metal construction and considered quite heavy as compared to modern plastic models of similar caliber. However, this attribute can be consider as assets of the pistol, as fully metal construction makes it long-life in operation and stable while shooting. The pistol also produced for cartridge cal. 9 mm kurz. Optionally pistol can be equipped with sound suppressor.    

Technical characteristics «Fort-12»
Caliber 9 mm Makarov
9 mm kurz
Operation mode Blowback operated
Trigger mechanism Single and double action
Overall length, mm 180
Height, mm 131
Width, mm 33
Barrel length, not exceeding, mm 95
Weight with empty magazine, not exceeding, kg 0,83
Trigger pull force, kgf 2,0 - 3,5
Accuracy range, m  50
Magazine capacity, rds 15 (9 mm Makarov)
16 (9 mm kurz)
Practical rate of shooting (rounds per minute) 40
Rifling 6 grooves
+38 (0432) 466-446
+38 (0432) 467-326
State-Owned Science-Industrial Association "Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine