Blank firing weapon

SO SIA «Fort» has a possiblity to apply this type of remake works (military weapon into blank firing weapon) to all of self-producing weapons and cal. 9 mm Makarov, 9 mm Luger ammunition. In addition,  association can apply these remake works to other weapon on demand.

Blank firing weapon – is a deactivated weapon, which is intended to fire with blank cartridges and can not be used with real rounds. Shooting with blank firing weapon is following with flashes and sounds, which are inherent to a real shooting. Nevertheless, due to the fact that the bullet is dismantled out of the cartridge, it is impossible to cause any physical harm with this weapon.

Blank firing weapon is intended for theatrical, costume and other cultural events, as well as for demonstrative exercises in military institutions.  Moreover, this type of weapon can be used during different cynological trainings, because one of the most important elements of the training is to normalize the sound of gunfire for the dog (hunting, police etc). Sometimes, blank firing gun can be used as a starting gun, which is going to signify the beginning of track, sprint or swimming race as well. 

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